Designed with small and medium business owners  in mind, IRIS (Intelect Risk Insights System) provides an online  platform to identify, assess, mitigate and manage your organisational  risk. Under the watchful eye of IRIS this range of templated, risk-rated  surveys will enable you to monitor your security processes and control  your risk levels, enabling you to maintain your corporate governance  obligations and align with regulatory legislation on an ongoing basis.

Created by a risk specialist, this internal  auditing tool is designed to highlight customer risk, cyber risk and  technology risk. IRIS surveys using consistent methodology will prompt  you to ensure that you have policies and plans in place, that you are  taking preventative measures and security processes for staff, premises  and technology to protect data. IRIS will focus your understanding of  the requirements and highlight attention to monitoring these specific  areas effectively, in order to stay compliant.

Our survey profiling function allows for  editing, reporting and downloading, thus demonstrating a clear insight  into your overall risk status and managing uncertainty at any one moment  in time. This will be a cost-effective way to keep your business safer  and more secure and we are able to provide bespoke in-house branded  solutions, designed to your own tailored specifications, dependent on  requirements and upon application.